1940 – 1979

F.C. Barr started Barr Air Patrol after working with Humble Oil in central and south Texas and seeing a need for aerial surveillance for oil and gas companies.  Mr. Barr provided patrols in his personal aircraft and soon began purchasing aircraft and hiring pilots to meet the demand for his services.  Mr. Barr died in the mid 1970’s and the company continued in operation by his wife until 1979.



Ron Hyde, who owned and operated an FBO out of Kenedy, TX, purchased Barr Air Patrol in 1979.  Mr. Hyde sold many of the aged Cessna 140 and 150 aircraft and replaced them with newer Cessna 172 aircraft.  Barr Air Patrol, at that time, primarily operated in the five state region of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.



Clayton Chennault, owner of United Pipeline Patrol (an established Texas based pipeline patrol company), purchased Barr from Mr. Hyde in 1999.  Mr. Chennault had a goal to expand Barr Air Patrol’s services nationally.  By the year 2001, Barr Air Patrol was flying pipelines as far as Sumas, WA, Bangor, ME, Destin, FL and Bakersfield, CA; a reach that extended to the far corners of the continental United States.



Mike McDuffie purchased Barr Air Patrol from Mr. Chennault in 2004.  Mr. McDuffie was instrumental in making Barr Air Patrol number one in the patrol industry by stressing higher standards in safety, operations, personnel, training and maintenance. Barr now has offices and maintenance facilities in Conroe, TX and Mesquite, TX and has aircraft based in twelve separate locations across the nation.



Cort Andrews | Director of Operations


Cort Andrews has worked in the pipeline patrol Industry since 1998.  Currently serving as Director of Operations, Mr. Andrews has served as Patrol Observer, Patrol Captain, Chief Pilot, and Operations Manager.  Prior to entering the aviation field, he worked in emergency response and hazardous material remediation along the Gulf Coast and brought that knowledge and experience to the pipeline patrol field.


Recognizing the threats to our customers’ assets and protecting them is his and Barr’s top priority. Mr. Andrews strives to keep Barr Air Patrol the leader in aerial patrol services for his clients and for public safety.


Brent Gilley | Chief Pilot


Brent Gilley has served as Barr Air Patrol’s Chief Pilot since 2011.  He began flying in 2001 and began his career with Barr in 2004 as Patrol Observer.  He became Patrol Captain in 2008.  In 2010, Mr. Gilley was appointed as Barr’s Lead Pilot responsible for training new captains and assisting the Chief Pilot with various duties.  He was awarded an EAA scholarship to attend Utah Valley University and is working towards his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Professional Aviation.


Mr. Gilley is dedicated to providing the customers of Barr Air Patrol with the best-trained, professional pilots in the industry.


Greg Reeves | Safety Manager


Greg Reeves assumed the role of Barr Air Patrol’s Safety Manager in early 2008.  He graduated from Western Michigan University’s Aviation Science program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Flight Science and a multi-engine/single-engine commercial pilot’s license and instrument rating.  Upon graduation, he interned with the AOPA Air Safety Foundation (now the Air Safety Institute) in Frederick, Maryland.  He helped create safety education programs for GA pilots and interacted with many of AOPA’s more than 400,000 members.


After joining Barr Air Patrol, Mr. Reeves developed the company’s Safety Management System and Quality Assurance Program.  He currently manages the Conroe, Texas, base of operations at the Lone Star Executive Airport and administers the company’s SMS and QA programs.



Jack Sauer | Director of Maintenance


Jack Sauer joined Barr Air Patrol in 2011 and has 40 years of aircraft maintenance experience.  He is a licensed A&P with Inspection Authorization and has worked as Crew Chief, Shop Supervisor, Customer Support Field Service Representative, FBO General Manager, and Director of Technical Services.


Mr. Sauer’s top priority is ensuring the company’s fleet of aircraft meets and exceeds all safety standards in the industry.









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